Pressure therapy

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What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is an advanced aesthetic treatment designed to reduce fluid retention and cellulite, thus providing both aesthetic and health-related benefits. Through this treatment it is possible to stimulate the oxygenation of the body and the immune system, eliminating the feeling of swelling in our body.

What benefits does pressotherapy offer?

Tones the skin

One of the advantages of pressotherapy has to do with its effects on the skin, which helps to regain its elasticity. This technique improves tissue or tissue regeneration, as well as its oxygenation, which will make your skin look smoother, more toned and more luminous.

Reduces localized fat

The air pressure applied with this treatment eliminates localized fat on the legs and buttocks. The fat peels off and circulates with the rest of the toxins and retained fluids until your lymphatic system discards it. It is an effective alternative to liposuction and much more comfortable because you do not need to be hospitalized.

Muscle stimulation

In addition to working to eliminate body fat, pressotherapy also promotes muscle tone and stimulates the immune system, an effect that positively affects your health. All this without forgetting the feeling of relief and rest that you will enjoy during and after each session. Come relax!

How is pressotherapy applied?


In pressotherapy sessions, pressurized air is applied through a pneumatic suit . By doing a massage, we manage to activate your lymphatic system and improve blood circulation. It is a natural aesthetic treatment, very comfortable and for not invasive . Pressotherapy is effective, simple and inexpensive, which is why it has become one of the most requested aesthetic treatments in recent years.

Who is it suitable for?

This technique is especially indicated to combat various medical and aesthetic problems, such as cellulite, fat accumulation , being overweight or obese, fluid retention, poor circulation, spider veins, tired legs and edema or lymphoedema . In addition, it is ideal to combine it with other aesthetic medicine treatments.


It is an aesthetic treatment so simple and painless that it has no contraindications . However, if you have a wound or infection in the area, we do not recommend applying it.

Pressure therapy rates

30 min session: € 20

6 session voucher: € 100

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